Somersby Cider

I’m of British heritage. Somerset, England to be specific – home of scrumpy apple cider. It surprises nobody that cider is my adult beverage of choice.

Somersby blackberry cider

Somersby has been a favourite for a few years. I prefer the import ciders to any I have tested locally. They seem crisper, fruitier and less sulphitey. This year my dear friend introduced me to Blackberry Flavoured Cider by Somersby. Friends, try it. It’s so delightful.

The best way to enjoy cider is super cold, on a super hot day, in a super big wine glass. Trust.

I’ve found Somersby blackberry, apple and pear flavours at most government and private liquor stores in Metro Vancouver.


West Elm Totes

Oh ma gosh, I can’t stop giggling at these.


West Elm’s market tote bags are packin’ a great sense of humour – as well as your groceries! They are 100% cotton, made in the USA and available for $20.68. Shipping is a tad on the expensive side, but for me the giggles I will get each time I bring out my Totes Ma Goats bag are worth every penny.

Oh Kale Yeah, Cray and Ain’t No Thing But a Chicken Wing are great. See the full collection here

Clever. I absolutely love it!


Tool Chess Set

One of my favourite websites is – they find THE coolest gidgets and gadgets. This is one of their latest discoveries that I absolutely LOVE!



What a neat gift for a chess lover/handyman/man who has everything. These classic tool chess sets are handmade in Michigan by a son and father team. The handcrafted pieces are served in a red or black tool case.

Available on Etsy  or on their website for $245. Unfortunately, they only ship to the US. If you are Canadian and don’t yet have a US drop-ship address – now’s the time to get one!

Overnight Refrigerator Oatmeal

I have seen variations of this recipe posted on Facebook for months now. But before I shared here where I only post things I LOVE, I wanted to give it a go.

Umm, I really love it. And so does my family. Win!

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Overnight refrigerator oatmeal is super duper easy to prepare. You basically dump all of the ingredients into a mason jar (or whatever container you wish), shake it up and pop it in the fridge. Take it out in the morning, give it a stir, add a few more toppings if desired and EAT!

Here’s a link to the instructions/recipes that I followed from The Yummy Life(I’ve used her photo above, too – they are prettier than mine). Once you prepare a few of these, you’ll probably be comfortable creating your own overnight oatmeal adventures. I think my favourite so far is the blueberry maple refrigerator oatmeal.

This is a new favourite in our house. Hope you love it too.

My Friend Monster

We have been teaching our son about clowns lately – hoping that when he sees one in the future, he won’t freak out! Monsters are next on our list. I’ve been struggling with how to introduce monsters in a positive light. My Friend Monster to the rescue!


I think My Friend Monster is a brilliant idea. The premiere friend placement agency for handmade monsters believes that monsters need friends too. A creative way to let children know that monsters aren’t scary, they are friends!

Each unique monster is created using upcycled fabrics, often wooly sweaters. Some of the monsters, each with their own name, have special purposes – like the Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow.

My Friend Monsters are lovingly made by hand in Victoria, BC. You can purchase them on Etsy or stay tuned to their Facebook page to find out what markets they will be out throughout the year.


Cedar Cooking Wraps

Hubby and I took off the BBQ cover the other night, despite the subzero temperatures outside. We used to BBQ year-round but this year has been brrrrrr chilly!


A few months back at the Circle Craft Market in Vancouver I purchased some Cedar Cooking Wraps from BC Coastal Grilling Planks. I’d used their cedar planks in the past, which are fantastic.

These 6×6 inch cedar wraps are a must-have in your kitchen! You simply add fresh meat and/or vegetables, sprinkle on a bit of sea salt or your favourite spice, roll them up and BBQ, or bake, as usual. The smoky cedar flavour infused into the food is so, so yummy. So fresh, so healthy – I love that!

Cedar Cooking Wraps are available at several retailers throughout BC. Give ’em a go!

Chubby Stick by Clinique

I hope y’all have someone special to kiss today!


Lip balm, lip gloss, lip butter – I love them all. Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm by Clinique is my new favourite in this category.

It is moisturizing, while adding a lovely bit of colour. It’s not sheer colour like many of these tend to be. The Chubby Stick offers good, rich cover of colour in a silky smooth stick. It really does make your pout look and feel kissable!

The Chubby Stick is $19 and can be found at London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, The Bay and other retailers where Clinique is sold.



Clear Bubble Umbrella

While I absolutely LOVE the bright colours and fashion statements an umbrella can bring to an outfit (I’m from Vancouver – we know umbrella chic!), I don’t think one can beat a clear umbrella.



There’s something lovely about letting the daylight in, rather than covering your head in something dark. Watching the rain bounce off the clear vinyl is fun, too. 

The Futai Clear Bubble Umbrellas at Target offer a simple clear dome with a splash of colour on the trim and handle. Available in several colours. I love these!

Available at Target for $20.

Water Carafe Set

The bedside water carafe seems like such a good idea to me; I kind of wonder why they are not as popular nowadays. Sure one can just bring the standard plain ol’ glass to bed, but it’s not beautiful. And life is short, so why not drink your midnight aqua out of something beautiful?17222418299259p


I see them gaining in popularity again as I shop at neighbourhood gift shops and home boutiques, as well at some of the big-box stores. This one from Bed, Bath and Beyond is simple, while many other intricate, dainty water carafe designs are available in a range of prices. Many places offer monogrammed carafes – and y’all know how much I love personalized gifts!

Keep your eye out for these pretty drinking vessels at your local gift shop. 

Goodnight iPad

This. This is fantastic. Why do I not own this book yet?

Goodnight Moon is such a classic children’s book; we read it in our house several nights each week. What a hilarious and necessary tool Goodnight iPad is to teach our children to disconnect. Wait, did I say children? I think most of the people I’d gift this to are over the age of 19 🙂

goodnight_ipad hero IIHIH

Modern life is abuzz. There are huge LCD WiFi HD TVs and Facebook requests and thumbs tapping texts and new viral clips of cats doing flips. Wouldn’t it be nice to say goodnight to all that? Like the rest of us who cannot resist just a few more scrolls and clicks, you may find yourself ready for bed while still clinging to your electronics long after dark. This book, which is made of paper, is a reminder for the child in all of us to power down at the end of the day. This hilarious parody not only pokes loving fun at the bygone quiet of the original classic, but also at our modern plugged-in lives. It will make you laugh, and it will also help you put yourself and your machines to sleep. Don’t worry, though. Your gadgets will be waiting for you, fully charged, in the morning.

This makes me laugh, but also makes me cry. As much as I love being connected, I think I was meant to live in the time of telegrams and first edition telephones.

I’ve seen this available at gift shops and online at Chapters Indigo from $12-$15.